Joan Osborne Announces Tour, new album











New Album,


Due March 27th

(Saguaro Road)


Fairfax, VA (January 23, 2012) — Joan Osborne kicks off her national tour with two New York City Winery performances March 27th and March 28th that will feature her hits and new songs from her brand new album, BRING IT ON HOME, due March 27th on Saguaro Road Records). The first leg of the tour continues through mid- April and includes markets such as Philadelphia, Charlotte, Nashville & Louisville.  Ms. Osborne will hit the road again later in the spring & summer with dates in the Mid-West and on the West Coast.


During the first leg of her North American tour, Joan will make special appearances on several national NPR radio shows including the prestigious Mountain Stage, nationally syndicated program Blue Plate Special, leading radio station WXPN’s “Free At Noon” performance hour, and more.


BRING IT ON HOME is Osborne’s first album of hand-picked vintage blues and soul songs, a collection that fans have long been asking for and Osborne herself delighted in making.  The recording sessions were electrifying, as the singer/songwriter tapped into her lifelong love of blues and R&B and unleashed her impassioned vocals.  Osborne’s vocal style and artistic taste were such a natural fit for the songs that she recalls an impromptu jam which turned into the album’s lead track, “Shake Your Hips” by Slim Harpo. “I knew the song well from the Stones’ recording, and from hearing other bands and singers do it on the NYC blues club circuit where it’s a staple,” Joan explains.  “Without really discussing it, Jack (Petruzzelli) played the signature guitar lick, the band fell in behind him, I remembered the lyrics and we were off like a racehorse out of the starting gate.  No need to over think this one, it just feels good.” After just two weeks at the Triple A radio format, the track quickly shot up the FMQB chart and is currently at #35.


Produced by Joan and her longtime music director/guitarist Jack Petruzzelli, they were joined by Joan’s longtime bandmates as well as guests Barbecue Bob Pomeroy (harmonica), Allen Toussaint (piano on his own “Shoorah! Shoorah!”) and vocalists the Holmes Brothers and Rufus Thomas’ daughter, Vaneese Thomas.  Jimmy Vivino, Conan O’Brien Show Band musical director, assembled all horn arrangements and also played electric piano on “I Don’t Need no Doctor.”


Joan Osborne has sold millions of albums and garnered multiple Grammy nominations throughout her critically and commercially acclaimed career.  In addition to her own headlining tours, she has sung lead vocals for The Dead (formerly the Grateful Dead) and was featured in the award-winning film Standing In The Shadows of Motown.


For more information, please go to or view video footage for BRING IT ON HOME at


The first leg of Joan Osborne’s North American tour includes the following performances, with more dates to be added:


March 27            New York, NY                        City Winery
March 28            New York, NY                        City Winery
March 30            Norfolk, CT                                    Infinity Hall
March 31            Londonderry, NH                        Tupelo Music Hall
April 1                        Albany, NY                                    The Egg
April 4                        Alexandria, VA                        Birchmere
April 5                        Annapolis, MD                        Ramshead
April 6                        Philadelphia                                    World Cafe
April 7                        Tarrytown, NY                        Music Hall
April 9                        Raleigh, NC                                    Lincoln Theater
April 10            Charlotte, NC                                    Visulite Theater
April 12            Knoxville, TN                                    Blue Plate Special
April 13            Nashville, TN                                    3rd & Lindsley

April 14            Louisville, KY                                    Headliners
April 15            Morgantown, WV                        Mountain Stage

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Do you want a hash tag with that?

McDonald’s Twitter Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong #McDStories

Gus Lubin | Jan. 24, 2012, 6:12 AM | 371,713 | 104

A twitter campaign by McDonald’s backfired when people started sharing the wrong kind of #McDStories (via @bored2tears).

McDonald’s kicked things off on Thursday with the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers, in a campaign meant to draw attention to the brand’s guarantee of fresh produce.

Later in the day, however, the burger company used a dangerously vague hashtag: “When u make something w/ pride, people can taste it,” McD potato supplier #McDstories

People took this hashtag and started talking trash. The Daily Mail gathered some of the best:





UPDATE: Here’s an emailed statement from McDonald’s social media director Rick Wion:

Last Thursday, we planned to use two different hashtags during a promoted trend – #meetthefarmers and #mcdstories.

While #meetthefarmers was used for the majority of the day and successful in raising awareness of the Supplier Stories campaign, #mcdstories did not go as planned. We quickly pulled #mcdstories and it was promoted for less than two hours.

Within an hour of pulling #McDStories the number of conversations about it fell off from a peak of 1600 to a few dozen. It is also important to keep those numbers in perspective. There were 72,788 mentions of McDonald’s overall that day so the traction of #McDStories was a tiny percentage (2%) of that.

With all social media campaigns, we include contingency plans should the conversation not go as planned. The ability to change midstream helped this small blip from becoming something larger.

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Ad Weeks biggest Social Media Blunders of 2011

and the year aint over year people!  Notice a recurring theme?  Maybe people/companies should have a waiting policy on Tweets!


Marketing’s Biggest Social-Media Blunders of 2011

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When a photo of his nether regions was tweeted from his account to a Seattle woman in May, Anthony Weiner insisted that he had been hacked. But the scrutiny continued, and the powerful New York congressman — who had been considered the front-runner in the 2013 New York City mayoral election — was forced to admit that he had sent the photo himself. He resigned from the House of Representatives after 12 years in office.

Dissing Detroit Drivers
A New Media Strategies employee dropped the F-bomb in a March tweet from @ChryslerAutos (“I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to fucking drive”). Chrysler had just launched an “Imported from Detroit” campaign along with a Super Bowl ad. The staffer was fired, but Chrysler announced it wouldn’t renew the agency’s contract.

Kenneth Cole Puts Shoe in Mouth
The retailer stirred up trouble when he tried to ride the coattails of the Arab Spring social-media phenomenon with this February tweet: “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online.” Tone-deafness, or a calculated move by a company known for sometimes-controversial advertising?

Gottfried Gets the Hook
Gilbert Gottfried lost his gig as the voice of the Aflac duck after posting jokes about the tsunami on his Twitter account. (A sampling: “Japan called me. They said, “Maybe those jokes are a hit in the U.S., but over here they’re all sinking.’ “) The comic’s quips were particularly off-base given that the insurance giant reportedly earned 75% of its 2010 revenues in Japan.

Qantas Grounds Dreams
The Australian airline had awful timing in launching a Twitter contest in November in which it asked followers to describe their “dream luxury in-flight experience” and pledged to award top tweeters with pajamas and toiletries. Qantas and its unions had stopped contract talks the day before, and customers were still smarting from the grounding of the entire fleet in October. They retaliated by hijacking the campaign’s hashtag, #QantasLuxury, generating thousands of angry tweets.

Shooting an Elephant
The largest U.S. web domain registry company, GoDaddy, was subject to massive backlash after its CEO, Bob Parsons, tweeted a link to a video of himself shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals led an effort urging a boycott of GoDaddy, and competitors tried to capitalize by offering discounted transfer rates and even making donations to elephant charities. But,, although the outcry was loud, GoDaddy seemed to emerge unscathed.

Every conceivable thing seemed to go wrong for Netflix when it announced in September its plan to spin off its DVD-rental service into a separate site called Qwikster. The company also failed to obtain the Twitter handle @Qwikster, operated by a foul-mouthed stoner who enjoyed his newfound celebrity in a series of tweets. Netflix killed Qwikster three weeks later, but 800,000 subscribers wound up quitting the service in the third quarter.

Kutcher Has Paterno’s Back
“Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher was rebuked last month after tweeting to the 8.5 million followers of his @aplusk account, “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #no class as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” He later confessed that he wasn’t up on the alleged Penn State child-abuse scandal and apologized via Twitter. But the firestorm continued, and he ultimately wrote on his blog that management of his Twitter account was being turned over to his PR team.

Micky’s Big Mouth
Micky Arison, the Miami Heat owner and Carnival Cruises founder and chairman, was fined $500,000 by the NBA last month for tweeting about the lockout after the league had specifically banned it. He retweeted lockout-related posts, and in an exchange with a user accusing owners of greed, he said, “Honestly u r barking at the wrong owner.” His fine was five times as big as those levied on Charlotte’s Michael Jordan and Washington’s Ted Leonsis for their public comments about the lockout.

Ragu Incites Backlash
The Unilever tomato sauce brand Ragu earned the wrath of fathers this fall after creating a seemingly innocuous video of moms sounding off on the haplessness of their husbands in the kitchen and sending it to prominent dad bloggers on Twitter. It didn’t go viral in the way the social-marketing team had probably hoped, since some recipients of the links took to their blogs and Twitter accounts to denounce the company for hating on dads.

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A Blogger isn’t a Journalist in OR


Judge Hits Blogger With $2.5 Million Charge for Not Being a Journalist

blogger vs journalistIn a case that’s sending a frightening message to the blogger community, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that a blogger must pay $2.5 million to an investment firm she wrote about — because she isn’t a real journalist.

As reported by Seattle Weekly, Judge Marco A. Hernandez said Crystal Cox, who runs several blogs, wasn’t entitled to the protections afforded to journalists — specifically, Oregon’s media shield law for sources — because she wasn’t “affiliated with any newspaper, magazine, periodical, book, pamphlet, news service, wire service, news or feature syndicate, broadcast station or network, or cable television system.”

The Obsidian Finance Group sued Cox in January for $10 million for writing several blog posts critical of the company and its co-founder, Kevin Padrick. Obsidian argued that the writing was defamatory. Cox represented herself in court.

The judge threw out all but one of the blog posts cited, focusing on just one (this one), which was more factual in tone than the rest of her writing. Cox said that was because she was being fed information from an inside source, whom she refused to name.

Without the source, she couldn’t prove the information in the post was true — and thus, according to the judge, she didn’t qualify for Oregon’s media shield law since she wasn’t employed by a media establishment. In the court’s eyes, she was a blogger, not a journalist. The penalty: $2.5 million.

The debate over whether bloggers are journalists has been going on for years, but the consensus has been largely settled — on the opposite side of what Judge Hernandez has ruled. Attorney Bruce E. H. Johnson, who wrote the media shield laws in next-door Washington State, told Seattle Weekly that those laws would have protected Cox had her case been tried in Washington.

In a more high-profile case, an editor from Gizmodo escaped criminal charges after revealing to the world an iPhone prototype lost in a bar. Although police raided the California home of editor Jason Chen in 2010, the case was cited as a test for that state’s media shield law, and the district attorney said publicly this year that no charges would be filed to anyone from the site.

When discussing the case, Steve Jobs told The Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg that he believed Chen was “a guy,” not a journalist. Mossberg countered that he himself was a blogger, and that he thought bloggers were journalists. (You can see the exchange in this video, at about the 16:00 mark.)

Are bloggers the same as journalists? And if not, what is the dividing line? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Gigante Media Client The Original 7ven takes over Centric TV this weekend

Saturday, December 10th through Sunday, December 11th  (beginning at 10am ET and PT / 9am CT)   Watch the Original 7ven takeover the Centric network this weekend, with exclusive programming that includes the television premiere of their documentary, Being: The Original 7ven, a command performance of their explosive opening number at last month’s Soul Train Awards, hosting the network’s Hot 10 show, and a vintage clip of The Time on Soul Train.  The Original 7ven, the band formerly known as The Time, recently released a new album, Condensate.  The first single, “#Trendin,” continues to move up the charts in the adult Urban AC radio format  and was called a “…funk-fueled jam that’s right on time…” by USA Today. People magazine called it “funky” and raved that “the players are still cool.” The Huffington Post gave the album five stars, noting “Condensate marks a mighty return to the fore for a beloved ensemble that has rightfully earned its own status as music royalty” and the Philadelphia Daily News awards it an “A,” adding “…the set achieves nirvana…”


A major force in the Minneapolis sound phenomenon, each of the 7 musicians – Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jellybean Johnson, Monte Moir and Jerome Benton – went on to successful individual careers with each scoring #1 chart toppers before coming back together for the first time in 21 years to record Condensate.




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Will Amazon replace Walmart as the new enemy of small business

Amazon’s new app is a bar code reader and will offer you money not to buy the item from that store.  So you do work for them price checking and creating a huge database for them to know how much everyone else is charging for products they are selling.  Then they offer the item for less.

I think this may backfire on Amazon.  They have always had good publicity but now they will be seen as the big box store beating up on the little guys.  Thing is, there won’t be any little guys much longer so sadly I don’t think it matters much any more.

Amazon Will Pay Shoppers $5 to Walk Out of Stores Empty-Handed

December 6, 2011 at 9:04 am PT

Amazon is offering consumers up to $5 off on purchases if they compare prices using the online giant’s mobile phone application in a store.

The promotion goes live Saturday and will serve as a way for Amazon to increase usage of its bar-code-scanning application, while also collecting intelligence on prices in the stores.

This holiday season, mobile commerce is surging as more people become comfortable using applications on their phone to compare prices or simply shop when not at home or at work.

On the Monday after Thanksgiving, the biggest online shopping day of the year so far, mobile sales reached 6.6 percent, jumping from 2.3 percent in 2010, according to IBM’s online retail study.

Amazon is not the only company hoping for a strong mobile Christmas.

Last quarter, eBay started airing TV commercials – its first in the past few years — to promote its mobile applications. The company estimated that mobile commerce merchandise volume this year will hit $5 billion. Additionally, eBay’s PayPal unit is expected to exceed $3.5 billion in mobile revenue.

Amazon has never released figures on how well its mobile applications do.

While the information empowers consumers, it terrifies retailers, who increasingly are feeling like showrooms — shoppers come to to check out the merchandise but ultimately decide to walk out and buy online instead.

Amazon’s Price Check app, which is available for iPhone and Android, allows shoppers to scan a bar code, take a picture of an item or conduct a text search to find the lowest prices. Amazon is also asking consumers to submit the prices of items with the app, so Amazon knows if it is still offering the best prices.

“We scour online and in-store advertisements from other retailers, every day, year-round,” said Sam Hall, director of Amazon Mobile. “Now, we are enabling customers to use the Price Check app to share in-store prices while they search for the best deals.”

While Amazon’s applications and its $5 incentive can be viewed as friendly to consumers, physical retailers will see it only one way — as an attack.

The one-day promotion Dec. 10 will offer 5 percent, or up to $5, off on as many as three items.



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Social Proof

Tech Crunch takes on Social Proof today in this piece by Aileen Lee.  She talks about internet start ups but she can really be talking about any product or company.  Social Proof is about the way people get information about your brand.  Used to be you would ask about or learn about brands from your parents or immediate friends or family members – which is pretty much the same way now but with social media its happens on a much more immediate and global scale.

This statistic from the article stood out to me:

“Visitors referred by a fashion magazine or blogger to designer fashion rentals online at Rent the Runway drive a 200% higher conversion rate than visitors driven by paid search.


“Moms, arguably the most valuable demographic on the social web, rely heavily on friends and family recommendations.  A recent Babycenter study showed moms rely on the wisdom of their friends 67% more than average shoppers; and they rely on social media 243% more than the general population.”

Not to mention the referrals are usually free.  This is why it is so important to have an all encompassing online strategy that includes not only paid search or online ads but reaching out to other websites to trade links and customers.

Read the whole article here:


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Shocked it took this long

To get the government to baby sit us. – From Cynopsis Digital today:


The CTIA Wireless Trade Association and the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) have announced a ratings system for mobile apps as a way to inform families about smartphone and tablet software that may contain mature content considered unsafe for certain ages. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA, Sprint, Microsoft and U.S. Cellular will be the first adopters of the ratings system that has been modeled after the one used by video game developers, according to the CTIA. Developed by the ESRB, apps will be split up by those considered appropriate for everyone (ages 6 and older); ages 10 and over; teens (13+); mature (17+); and adults only 18+). While there are no government regulations on mobile apps and software, Apple and Android developers have both previously designated apps by age groups; neither Apple nor Google are part of this initiative.


I love the neither Google or Apple are a part of this initiative part.  So 99.9% of the market is not on board with this ratings system.

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Big Brother is tracking you in real time

Nice piece about how there is a ‘secret app’ that tracks your every key stroke on Android phones.

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps

  • Researcher says seeing is believing

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco • Get more from this author

Posted in Security30th November 2011 02:34 GMT

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An Android app developer has published what he says is conclusive proof that millions of smartphones are secretly monitoring the key presses, geographic locations, and received messages of its users.

In a YouTube video posted on Monday, Trevor Eckhart showed how software from a Silicon Valley company known as Carrier IQ recorded in real time the keys he pressed into a stock EVO handset, which he had reset to factory settings just prior to the demonstration. Using a packet sniffer while his device was in airplane mode, he demonstrated how each numeric tap and every received text message is logged by the software.

Ironically, he says, the Carrier IQ software recorded the “hello world” dispatch even before it was displayed on his handset.

Eckhart then connected the device to a Wi-Fi network and pointed his browser at Google. Even though he denied the search giant’s request that he share his physical location, the Carrier IQ software recorded it. The secret app then recorded the precise input of his search query – again, “hello world” – even though he typed it into a page that uses the SSL, or secure sockets layer, protocol to encrypt data sent between the device and the servers.

“We can see that Carrier IQ is querying these strings over my wireless network [with] no 3G connectivity and it is reading HTTPS,” the 25-year-old Eckhart says.

The video was posted four days after Carrier IQ withdrew legal threats against Eckhart for calling its software a “rootkit.” The Connecticut-based programmer said the characterization is accurate because the software is designed to obscure its presence by bypassing typical operating-system functions.

In an interview last week, Carrier IQ VP of Marketing Andrew Coward rejected claims the software posed a privacy threat because it never captured key presses.

“Our technology is not real time,” he said at the time. “It’s not constantly reporting back. It’s gathering information up and is usually transmitted in small doses.”

Coward went on to say that Carrier IQ was a diagnostic tool designed to give network carriers and device manufacturers detailed information about the causes of dropped calls and other performance issues.

Eckhart said he chose the HTC phone purely for demonstration purposes. Blackberrys, other Android-powered handsets, and smartphones from Nokia contain the same snooping software, he claims.

The 17-minute video concluded with questions, including: “Why does SMSNotify get called and show to be dispatching text messages to [Carrier IQ]?” and “Why is my browser data being read, especially HTTPS on my Wi-Fi?”

The Register has put the same questions to Carrier IQ, and will update this post if the company responds. ®

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Control is with the masses

Good Q&A in Forbes today about how companies need to think about Brand Building and the essential role that Social Media plays.


We use the phrase a lot  – the “learning exercise,” like it’s a Pilates class – as if it ends. How do you set companies straight on that?

We provide very specific guidance to clients. We’ll tell them point-blank: You don’t get to be in charge. You get to contribute. This is hard for companies, because their mission becomes helping customers, rather than try to sell them something. I tell them: You’ll get it back at some point. You’re not really selling them cars, you’re selling them on you and the organization as a trustworthy partner.  You learn a lot in the process – both how to engage as well as build a better business.


Read the whole article here

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